"abandoned nest" in Frameless Sky

My haiku "abandoned nest" is featured in Frameless Sky 5. It has been selected to accompany Paresh Tiwari's artwork. Thanks to the editor, Chrissi Villa.

"early moon" in Daily Haiga

Yay! My haiga "early moon" is featured in Daily Haiga:an edited journal of contemporary & traditional haiga. Thanks to Linda Pilarski, the editor.

"the verdant hills" featured in Haiku Commentary

My tanka, "the verdant hills", is featured in Haiku Commentary with an insightful analysis by Nicholas David Klacsanzky.

"storms of his life" in the 146th WHA Haiga Contest

My haiga, "storms of his life" is one of the winners in the 146th World Haiku Association Haiga Contest. Thanks to Kuniharu Shimizu, the judge.

"after the storm" in The Asahi Shimbun

My haiku, "after the storm" is featured in The Asahi Shimbun (November 4, 2016). Thanks to Prof. David McMurray, the editor.

after the storm
the trees offer
more sky

"Father's Day" and "sibling rivalry" in Brass Bell, November 2016

My haiku, "Father's Day" and "sibling rivalry", are featured in the November 2016 issue of Brass Bell. Thanks to Zee Zahava, the editor. 

Theme: Family

Father's Day
my daughter confirms
my Facebook friend request

sibling rivalry
my brother takes a selfie
with the latest iPhone